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"Besides being a joy to work with, Tracy is a take-charge professional who is able to develop creative marketing plans for existing and new markets and effectively communicate meaningful benefits of a company’s products and services."

"TWYOUNG Consulting is a group you can build a company with. They have an uncommon talent with a work ethic that helped propel [our company] from a $400M, privately held company to a $4B publicly traded company."

"Tracy is a seasoned executive that you can build a company—and culture—around, and she comes with my highest recommendation."

"With the support of TWYOUNG Consulting, our company has more than doubled the number of contracts from just five years ago."

"Tracy is a strategic thinker, who is consistently years ahead of the competition. In fact, her innovative ideas are often imitated by the competition."

"TWYOUNG Consulting was instrumental in creating campaigns, collateral, presentations, proposals and other innovative tools that brought our company many new leads and helped to turn those leads into contracts. As a result, the company has experienced extraordinary growth."
"If I ever had a need for someone who could take an amorphous vision and turn it into a tangible reality, Tracy would be the first person I would call."
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